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An application to better apprehend body schema and body image


  • Children aged 4 to 11 years old,affected by cognitive or sensory impairment, and/or motor disabilities.
  • An audience of private individuals,
  • An audience of professionals: teachers at nursery schools, primary schools, in the classroom or at home (special needs education), occupational therapists, psychomotor therapists and speech therapists, self-employed or working at institutes, and educators.

A version for teenagers and an adult version for 3rd, 4th age are planned.

Why edit “On Bouge ! “as a touch application?
1- It is the child who manipulates the body of his character with his finger on the screen, to put him in the right position before performing one of the proposed actions.
2 – 3D: wherever you are in the game, you can rotate the camera, so the character can be seen from every angle.
3- Being able to record the sequences in a name album allows a follow-up of the child
4- in class, in small groups, each child has his/her own album.
5- For most actions, the character can be left or right handed,
6- The movements of the characters are very pleasant in small kinetic sequences.


There are many ways to use this game in order to gain body image knowledge:

– Through vocabulary: naming, pointing out, representing body parts and possible positions,

– The child can copy a model that the practitioner has prepared and printed beforehand,

– Making this character experience a situation, a sport, an activity, a time of day,

– Replicating the image themselves, in front of a mirror,

– Simply letting the child create a character (with or without instructions), bring it to life and make it move, so they can be the creator of a story,

-Working on spatial concepts: under/over, front/back, right/left, next to/far from an object…

notions of relativity: taller than, smaller than, bigger than…

notions of temporality: night/day, seasons

-Movement or posture, making an action take place over time

– Option to create pictograms for communication

We will offer information sheets for therapists: occupational therapists, speech therapists, psychomotor therapists and teachers.

How do we proceed?
On the home page: 2 buttons : I create a new character
My characters

In My Characters, I find the characters I created, and the actions saved.
I can rework them, rename them, share them, print them. Or delete them!


1 – We build a character

Choice of skin colour, sex, build, height, hair,

Possibility to remove a limb, or the hair

2- He is dressed in the dressing room.

Choice of clothes, their colour,

Choice of prosthetic, or none!

Choice of mobility aids, or none!

3-Take him for a walk and play in every place:

①At home, in the bedroom

Lying on the bed, Putting a toy in the chest

Throwing a piece of paper in the bin, Brushing their teeth…

②At home, in the bedroom

sitting on the sofa, Eating an apple.

Closing the curtains, Wiping their feet on the doormat.

③ Going out, finding their way in the street, crossing the road

④ In the playground at school

Hopping through hoops, watering the flowers.

Playing on the parallel bars

⑤ Entering the classroom

Writing on the board, putting a book on the shelf.

Sitting in their seat, Reading a book.

⑥ Going to the sports pitch

⑦ Going to the park

Hiding behind the tree.

Playing skittles, Going on the beam.

Going on the swing, Sitting on a bench.

8- Finally, a neutral setting: a free motor space

To make the character evolve on one, postures according to instructions



Take a picture
which will be saved in the device’s gallery, which can be shared, emailed, printed…

The application is translated into 6 languages!

Other features are planned:

  • Recording a sound,
  • A Catalogue of postures,…

  This app created with the precious support of the:


May they be warmly thanked here!

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