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TACTIL APP “Let’s Move”!!

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An app to help understand body image: Let’s move!!


  • Children aged 4 to 11 years old,

– affected by cognitive or sensory impairment, and/or motor disabilities.

– An audience of private individuals,

  • An audience of professionals: teachers at nursery schools, primary schools, in the classroom or at home (special needs education), occupational therapists, psychomotor therapists and speech therapists, self-employed or working at institutes, and educators.

A version for children and an adult version for senior citizens will be published separately, later on


There are many ways to use this game in order to gain body image knowledge:

– Through vocabulary: naming, pointing out, representing body parts and possible positions,

– The child can copy a model that the practitioner has prepared and printed beforehand,

– Making this character experience a situation, a sport, an activity, a time of day,

– Replicating the image themselves, in front of a mirror,

– Simply letting the child create a character (with or without instructions), bring it to life and make it move, so they can be the creator of a story,

-Working on spatial concepts: under/over, front/back, right/left, next to/far from an object…

notions of relativity: taller than, smaller than, bigger than…

notions of temporality: night/day, seasons

-Having the option to create friezes of an evolving movement or posture, making an action take place over time

– Option to create pictograms for communication

We will offer information sheets for therapists: occupational therapists, speech therapists, psychomotor therapists and teachers.

Constructing a character

Choice of skin colour, sex, build, height, hair,

Option to remove a limb,

Dress them

Choice of clothes, their colour,

Choice of prosthetic, or none!

Choice of mobility aids, or none!

Going out, finding their way in the street, crossing the road

In the playground at school

Playing on the parallel bars

Sitting on a bench

Entering the classroom,…

Entering the classroom

Writing on the board,

putting a book on the shelf,

reading a book,

Sitting in their seat,…

Going to the sports pitch

Going to the park

Playing skittles,

Going on the beam,

Going on the swing,

Hiding behind the tree,…

At home, in the bedroom

Lying on the bed,

Putting a toy in the chest,

Throwing a piece of paper in the bin,

Brushing their teeth…

The Lounge

sitting on the sofa,

Eating an apple,

Closing the curtains,

Wiping their feet on the doormat,

What are the steps involved?

The Albums

1st phase: I create my album, which I call

The custom album

In my album, I create my new character.

I find the characters I created there, and the actions I saved.

I find the characters I created there, and the actions I saved!

you can take Screenshots, to “break down” the movement.

As well as the Translation in 6 languages,

Other features are planned:

  • Recording a sound,
  • A Catalogue of postures,…

  This app would never have been possible without the precious support of the:


This app would never have been possible without the precious support!

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